The Magic of Mykonos

Mykonos is where blue meets white. Where the voluptuous meets the angular. Where Picasso meets Dali. An avalanche of sugar cube houses tumble down cliffs to the soft rounded coast caressed by peacock blue waters.

The central town itself has an vibrant, inviting port with surprisingly clean waters. Joyous ocean currents glinting in the sun dance and leap their way to shore to join the party.


View of the town from above  – near Portobello boutique hotel with its iconic windmills.


We had just one special night and a morning half day on this notoriously glamorous island. I could imagine no more idyllic place to stay than The Portobello boutique` hotel, perched high atop the town and overlooking a ruined windmill. A stunning sunset location – though we did venture out to explore that night. Delicious freshly made yoghurt, eggs and cream pie observing the cubist masterpiece below. A word of warning, this vertical splendour is not for the frail or elderly — nor for our very large luggage which was a Promethean labour to lug up and down the stone path to taxis.

Labyrinthine streets lead you through an Alice and wonderland world. Olive and fig Trees seem to sprout out of solid limestone. Ambling down the pathway, large flat stones joined with seams of white plaster, adorned with pink bougainvilias; wonders await around each turn. Hobbit sized doors framed in sapphire blue. Orange and yellow cottons and linen hung to dry off iron balconies flapping against the blanched stone. And always that warm, swirling wind, scented of citron, like the breath of Zeus caressing your skin and tossing your hair. This after all the rocky outpost where in mythology he smashed the head of monsters he did not like.  


Four key insights for Mykonos town

  1. This is a luxurious island where you will find Gucci, Amarni, Veuve Cliquot and a very fashionable set of Europeans who enjoy the nightlife. Stunning fashion to be found, in the chic stores and cat walking the promenade. 
  2. Mykonos town is an architectural wonder – and must be experienced. But dazzling beaches await farther afield. 
  3. This vertical town is for the fit and not faint of heart to explore 
  4. This is one of the few Cycladic islands the Venetians did not conquer and leave their Italian mark. The architecture you see is pure Mykonian Greek!


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