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Abiqiiu white cliffs, New Mexico
Laura at Plaza Blanca,
Abiquiu, New Mexico

Join me for an invigorating journey through words and images. I am a writer, artist and ancient history MA driven to share my adventures and insights.

This unique travel-history blog will take you atop towering mountains and along forgotten footpaths.  Across drawbridges of fairytale castles to the shores of fabled islands. Through the ruins and riches of ancient civilizations to the hidden secrets of museum collections. And certainly to the pinnacle, to penetrate the most splendid works of man and nature across continents and to the far end of the planet — all filtered through a cultural and historical lens.

Recent Posts

Travel in the age of COVID

Wondering what overseas travel is like in August 2020? The rules, the crowds? The experience. Read about our trip to to the Greek isles.

The Magic of Mykonos

Mykonos is where blue meets white. Where the voluptuous meets the angular. Where Picasso meets Dali. An avalanche of sugar cube houses tumble down cliffs to the soft rounded coast caressed by peacock blue waters.The central town itself has an vibrant, inviting port with surprisingly clean waters. Joyous ocean currents glinting in the sun dance…


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